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Author Topic: Dear Gaffa - Re Formation

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Post Dear Gaffa - Re Formation
on: October 17, 2015, 20:12

Today was proof that we could find ourselves fighting down at the bottom half of the table with players who last season looked a step above the rest of the league. I here lots of comments, rumours and tosh spoken as you always do in football, however the surrounding groan around the ground is a very valid point for all to see, apart from the Gaffa.

Now when we started last season, Lewis Binns injury meant that Paul was forced into doing something very different, especially at this level, Go for 3 5 2. Now the first month of that was terrible. However sooner rather than later the players began to understand this should always give you one over in midfield and off we went. This was shown by the fact that all players apart from Lindon scored that season, always having that man over was great. To be fair, teams in the league and cup just didn't know how to play against us, if they pressured high up we just hit them on the break, if they sat back we just picked them off

Fast forward to the play off Semi, at home against Larkhall. That game was to all of us a shock. I and others just could not believe what just happened at half time. However I was at the game with someone who has been coaching for 35 years at various levels. His comment rang in my ears for weeks to come. "Whoever their scout is, deserves a medal". That was it, we had been found out.

This season starts and what I see before my eyes is quite frightening. 3 - 5 - 2 again. Teams are now coming to us this season with the knowledge we can be get at wide. Any half organised team can train and plan to beat our system as is evident at the moment.

For me Ashley Edenburgh moving on should have been a sign. He/Was a prolific goal scorer over many seasons. He tried his hardest for us 99% of the time but was evidently getting frustrated at the system we play.

Looking at today's game, yes Taunton took their chances but did they ever have to work hard for it????
Our defence was like a barn door. I don't actually blame the players, Taunton were just attacking us wide and with numbers. It must have been 7 - 8 times that it was 4 against 3 at the back. This pressure against our back line forced mistakes which should not have happened. Will Wellon isn't graced with pace, but with the lack of support out wide hes having to cover a very large area of pitch all on his own. I feel for George Washbourn here. We all know he is a great potential but sometimes in matches he will have a stinker. However is it fair on him or any of our wide players to cover the wing on their own. They are up at one end putting a cross in and the Paul is screaming blue murder at them for not being in the full back positions ready for the goal kick. No wonder George is no where to be seen sometimes, poor lad doesnt know if he is coming or going.

Out of the whole team at the moment the only player who is of Concern is Ashley Williams. I don't think he can claim a rating above 4/10 for us so far this season. I'm sure he is a good player, Premier teams are after his signature but strangely he chose to stay. Sadly with how we are playing now he looks like a fish out of water.

My point is that our current form I personally put down to our formation. I am sure everyone else watching these games who have any experience of non-league football will tell you that at this level playing with a back 3 requires excellent tactical awareness, something which at this level we do not have. How many other teams at this level play with any formation other than a variation of the good ol' 4-4-2. I haven't seen one yet.

Today I hear the majority of fans and even Taunton Fans saying we should switch back to what these players know, just keep it simple.

I know people get knocked down by the Gaffa when our formation is mentioned. Paul if this form and style of play continues I can only see your Evesham Legend status being dented and the Chairman, friend or not getting restless. If you cannot see what is happening on the pitch I worry. We will always support the team, however the longer this goes on, the less people will be coming in those gates and those cold dark Tuesday night fixtures will be greeted with a very empty Jubilee.


Fan of the 4-4-2

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