Final set of results for latest 5 a side League and the winners. 

Runners up – HimbletonCrowle 
Winners If Kane Squared It




It is the responsibility of the captain to be the primary contact for the team and all players involved. By allowing a player to take part in a club’s match, you are confirming that a player is aware of and will abide by these rules.


When a team joins the EUFC league they are committing to the duration of one entire season, or a period of 6 weeks, whichever is longer.

A team shall always be automatically entered into the next season unless formal notice of withdrawal has been served by the team captain.


The captain must ensure that they have completed the entry form and handed the sheet to a EUFC representative or sent the form to the Organisers email before the season.

Players may only be registered for one club in each sanctioned competition and must be aged 16 or over.

Players can join the team at any point throughout a season. To register the player, give the details to the EUFC representative. This must be done before the player participates.

If a player wishes to transfer to another club, they must first resign from their first club and re-register for the new club using the above procedures.

We may contact you via email, phone or SMS to inform you about match cancellations, changes to fixtures, rule changes or other matters relating to the league.


The team match fee shall be determined by EUFC.

The match fees are payable before the game commences.

Teams can pay match fees in advance via direct transfer or pay on the night by cash.

No cheques accepted.

If the full match fee is not received, EUFC shall implement the ‘No Pay – No Result’ procedure.

If a team is affected by the ‘No Pay – No Result’ procedure, they shall have any goals scored removed by the organisers and the result awarded to their opposition.

Failure to pay fees on any occasion shall be deemed a breach of competition rules and the organisers reserve the right to remove the team from that competition.

A match official will be made available by the Organisers. An appropriate proportion of the fee collected from your team will be passed on to the official.


All participants are advised that EUFC is unable to provide personal injury insurance or player-to-player insurance. You are advised to purchase this as a team or individually.


A team can only leave at the end of a season.

To withdraw from the league the team captain MUST give at least two (2) weeks’ notice before the end of that current season.

The team must then fulfil the remainder of that season’s fixtures and shall be withdrawn before the new season commences.

The team can only give notice by telephoning 07866 187921 so that their position can be discussed and agreed. Notice cannot be submitted via email or at an event.



The competition shall be played on a league basis.

The league shall consist of one or more divisions containing several teams.

Matches shall be played on one nominated day every week.

Teams shall play each other once or twice over a period of several weeks.

Three points shall be awarded for a win and one point for a draw.

EUFC 3G venue is non-smoking, non-vaping, this includes spectators.


At the end of the season the one or two highest ranked teams in each division (except the top division) shall be promoted to the division above.

In the event of two or more teams being equal on points, the team with the best goal difference shall take precedence. In the event of the goal difference also being equal, the goals scored shall take precedence.

At the end of the season one or two lowest ranked teams in each division shall be relegated to the division below.

The winning team of each division shall be awarded a trophy.

EUFC reserve the right to amend the league structure and format including promotions and relegations.


Fixtures shall be created by EUFC and where possible teams shall be given the full range of fixture times.

Fixtures for the entire season shall be posted on the web site at least 48 hours before the first game of the season.

Once fixtures have been created these shall not be amended or re-arranged unless determined by EUFC if it benefits the league.

Once a season is completed, promotions and relegations shall be made, the new fixtures generated, and the new season shall start the following week. There are no pauses between seasons unless determined in advance by EUFC.


If a team is absent for a fixture without giving proper notice the opposition shall be awarded the game.

Where a team is absent for 2 fixtures during the competition, EUFC reserve the right to remove the team from the competition.


The number of players on the pitch at one time is 5 with a further maximum of 3 substitutes.

The number of players allowed in your squad is unlimited, however all players must be registered to your team before they play.

A game will be abandoned and awarded to the opposition if the team is unable to field the minimum required number of players from the start of play or during.

Minimum number of players to field a team is 5.


EUFC operates its competition under strict guidelines with regards to discipline and misconduct.

If in the opinion of EUFC the conduct of any club or player brings the competition into disrepute, EUFC reserve the right to report the player and club to the sanctioning association for disciplinary action.

EUFC reserves the right to prohibit any player or team from taking part temporarily or permanently in this or other competitions due to misconduct of any kind.

During a game, the referee may award a blue or red card depending on the severity of misconduct.

If a blue card is awarded the player shall be temporarily suspended from play.

During the suspension, a player must stay on the field of play behind his own goal, this shall be deemed as the ‘sin bin’.

The referee shall inform the player when the suspension is over.

The period of suspension shall be 5 minutes unless the match length is under 35 minutes duration when the suspension shall be 4 minutes.

If a player receives 2 blue cards in the same game, he shall not take any further part in the game.

If a red card is awarded the offending player shall not be allowed to take further part in the match and shall be suspended from EUFC for a minimum of 1 match.

There are various red card offences which carry heavier suspensions from the EUFC competition:


– Receiving a 2nd blue card. – Denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity by physical means or by deliberately handling the ball. – Use of offensive or insulting or abusive language / gestures, not to a match official.


All other red card offences shall be dealt with the sanctioning County FA.

Any suspension awarded by EUFC shall affect this competition only.

Any suspensions awarded by the sanctioning County FA shall affect all football competitions including EUFC.

County FA suspensions may or may not run at the same time as EUFC suspensions.

Players and officials are reminded that the Rules and Regulations of The FA and the sanctioning County FA allow for fines to be imposed because of misconduct.


Any appeal against a decision of EUFC must be made to the sanctioning County FA in accordance with the appropriate rules of the association. An appeal fee may apply.


The competition shall be called the EUFC 5 a side league.

The competition organiser shall be Evesham United Football Club, Cheltenham Road, Evesham WR11 2LZ.

The competition shall be governed in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of The FA and the relevant sanctioning County FA.

Matches shall be played in accordance with the Laws of Small Sided Football as laid down by The FA and set out within these rules/provided alongside them.

The relevant County FA shall sanction the competition.

The competition, all clubs, players and other associated persons shall be subject to the Rules and Regulations of The FA and the sanctioning County FA.

The relevant sanctioning County FA shall deal in accordance with breaches of the Laws of the Game/Laws for Small Sided Football and the Rules and Regulations of the Football Association.

A person who is not a referee (as recognised by the Football Association) may carry out the duties of a Match Official in a specific match where a qualified referee cannot be found.

EUFC shall affiliate centrally with the Football Association a number of ‘team slots’ on an annual basis.

The number of ‘team slots’ affiliated shall equate to the number of teams participating in a competition.

EUFC can change the teams participating in a competition but shall always stay within the actual number of ‘team slots’ affiliated to the sanctioning County FA.

We may need to make available your team and player contact details to the Football Association or other third parties to aid in the smooth running of the league. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you willingly agree that we are permitted to pass this information on