Due to the recent guidelines that have been released by the Government, unfortunately the two Easter training sessions will no longer take place.
All future training sessions that were planned between Easter and the programme starting in September have also been put on hold for the time being until the global situation is assessed further and guidance from the government changes.
Some of you have been in touch regarding your place from September and I hope some of these FAQ’s below answer some of your queries:-
What is happening to my place?
Your place is still secure and we are still planning for September 2020 as normal.
What happens if I have not had my interview yet?
If you have not had your personal one-to-one interview then we can arrange to speak over the phone or conduct it via Skype. The interviews are an opportunity for us to get to know each other where we learn more about you as a student and a person and you and your parents/guardians learn more about the programme in detail, what it entails and where it can lead to. If you do take up the option of a phone or skype interview (please email in if so) then we would still like to meet up personally once we are able to.
Do you still need any information from myself?
All applicants are required to provide an education reference and a football reference to join the programme and for those that have had an interview – an interview feedback form. If you have yet to provide any of these, currently this would be a good time to get them organised and forwarded on to ourselves. Please see the forms attached if you require them.
What is the situation with my GCSE results if a year 11 student?
Currently the Department of Education have decided that teacher assessment will determine what GCSE grades you get with them expected to be released before July. This will be the same procedure for ourselves in line with our education partners. If at anytime you get these results, please forward them on to ourselves where we can discuss them individually with you. If you are worried about these results and your place on the programme, please get in contact with us at anytime. Your references are an important part of this process.
When will the next training session take place?
As soon as the Government remove the current restrictions and the Football Association updates their guidelines to allow football to resumes again, we will organise a number of sessions leading up to the start date in September which hopefully will include pre-season.
What can i do at this moment in time to prepare for the programme starting?
On the education side, we know you have no longer got any exams to prepare for. Therefore, we have attached an image of a few example units you will be doing over the next two years. It would be useful for you to gain an understanding of the course before enrolling by looking deeper into the tasks you will be doing under each unit by watching youtube videos and exploring articles and documents you find online. 
We have also attached some guidance for some home workouts to keep you fit and active during this time. It is important that you keep your mind and body active for health reasons so if our literature can assist with that then that is fantastic.
I have a friend/family member who wishes to join, are applications closed?
Applications are open at all times. If you do have any friends or family members who wish to join the programme with you, all they need to do is sign up at and when the next trials are arranged, we will invite them down.
How often will you keep in contact?
We will be keeping in contact with you on a regular basis, checking in and providing support as much as we can either on the phone or by email.  Our office is currently closed so our main phone contact (01618265958) is unavailable but you can contact me anytime on 07543220545 or this email address. Our media team are working hard behind the scenes to provide as much engagement content as possible on our social media sites (links below) and will be sending our newsletter out next week.
In closing, we hope you and your families/friends are and continue to be safe and we cannot wait to see you all soon.
Kind regards,
Southern League Football Academy
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