Juniors/Ladies Signing On Weekend

The Junior signing on weekend happens at the Jubilee Stadium on Saturday 27th June and Sunday 28th June.

Please note that these times refer to age groups in 2015/16 not last season!!

Saturday 27th June
U9’s from 9.30am (last years U8’s)
U10’s from 10.30am
U11’s from 11.30am
U12’s from12.30pm

Lunch from 1-2pm

Ladies and U13’s (last years U12’s) from 2pm
U14’s and 15’s from 3pm
U16’s from 4pm
Finish at 5pm latest!! Anyone who can’t make these allotted times please see below.

Sunday 28th June
Anyone unable to make Saturday could they please come between 10.30 and 1pm Sunday.
U18’s from 10.30am.
U8’s from 11.15am after final minis training of 2015!!
U17’s from 12pm after trials
Finish at 1pm!!

Requirements for players are as follows
Ambassador League players – U8, U9 and U10 are not required to bring extra info. Players U11 and above are required to bring 2 passport sized photos. They also need to bring proof of age (birth certificate or passport) if they haven’t been in the Ambassador League before.

Mercian League players – please bring 2 passport photos and proof of age (birth certificate or passport) if they haven’t been in the Mercian League before.

Junior Premier League players –  will need to forward a head and shoulders photo by email to markedwardseufc@aol.com stating their name, age group and team coach.

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