So far we have had bids to play for Liverpool but none for Manchester United.  The minimum bid is £150 for you United fans.  As for Liverpool the lowest of the three winning bid amounts received as of today (Tuesday 4th) is £200.


When Manchester United and Liverpool Legends take to the field at 2pm on July 6th at Evesham United, you too can be in the line-up.  Evesham United are offering 6 people, 3 from each team, the chance to play at least 20 minutes in the forthcoming match at the Spiers and Hartwell Jubilee Stadium.

This opportunity will be available by an auction taking the three highest bids for each team.  The package includes being in your respective dressing room before the game, warming up with your heroes and then playing at least 20 minutes in front of an expected crowd of 2,000 plus.  Also included is a match ball, your name announced over the tannoy and published in the souvenir programme.  The minimum bid is £150, so if interested please email with your bid amount, name, address and telephone number, plus the team you wish to play for.  Every day until towards the end of June, the three highest bid amounts for each club will be announced on the Evesham United website.  The names of the highest bidders will be kept anonymous until the auction ends.


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