SENIOR MATCH DAY Risk Assessment re Covid-19

Before you leave home

All players, officials, volunteers and spectators must undergo a self-assessment for any Covid-19- symptoms. No-one should leave home to participate in football if they, or someone they live with, has any of the following:

  • A high temperature (above 37.8°C);
  • A new, continuous cough;
  • A loss of, or change to, their sense of smell or taste.

Should an individual have demonstrated any such symptoms, they must not participate. Instead they should follow NHS and PHE guidance on self-isolation. Anyone who has already been instructed to self-isolate by a health care practitioner or PHE should continue to follow this advice and may not participate. Clubs will make relevant participants aware of any increased risk associated with taking part in activity, based on the risk assessment undertaken by the club. Everyone should comply with public health restrictions and avoid high-risk behaviour outside the football setting to reduce the risk to fellow participants and other attendees.

Travelling to the game

All participants and other attendees should follow best practice for travel, including minimising use of public transport. Participants should walk or cycle if possible. People from a household or support bubble can travel together in a vehicle. If participants do have to travel with people outside their household or support bubble they should try to:

  • Share the transport with the same people each time;
  • Keep to small groups of people at any one time;
  • Open windows for ventilation;
  • Face away from each other;
  • Clean the car between journeys using standard cleaning products – including door handles and other areas that people may touch;
  • Ask the driver and all passengers to wear a face covering;
  • Consider seating arrangements to maximise distance between people in the vehicle – this may mean using more than one coach or minibus if possible, and the wearing of face coverings on coaches or minibuses;
  • Require regular hand sanitisation by passengers on a coach or minibus;
  • Limit the time spent at garages, petrol stations and motorway services;
  • Keep distance from other people and if possible, pay by contactless;
  • Wash hands for at least 20 seconds or sanitise hands often, and always when exiting or re-entering the vehicle;
  • When finishing the journey participants should wash their hands for at least 20 seconds or sanitise their hands as soon as possible.

Upon arrival

Home teams will use as many changing rooms as required to comply with social distancing rules.

Visiting teams will be met in the car park area, parked and shown where to access ground, by home stewards, keeping all required social distancing as per current legislation and advice.

Changing rooms

you will be allocated up to 3 changing rooms , these changing rooms will have been disinfected to required standards re Covid-19. (D10 GRADE SANITISER AND DISENFECTANT)

Entry to field of play

This will be staggered, exit from changing rooms to corridor will require a clear corridor for each team to exit to open air, and corridor walls will have been disinfected prior to occupation on the day. NO HANDSHAKES TO TAKE PLACE AT THE MOMENT. NO SPITTING WHATSOEVER, SET PIECES TO BE TAKEN QUICKLY NOT ELONGATED TIMEWISE!

Posts, pitch surround and equipment

All posts, balls and flags will have been disinfected prior to match day, these will also be disinfected during the game (half time) A set of linesman’s flags will be supplied to each home team coach, as per guidelines to avoid contamination through multiple handling. A bucket of disinfectant will be available for every pitch, this is to disinfect footballs that have left the field of play and possibly handled by somebody upon return to appropriate pitch prior to reuse

Pitch surround barrier will be disinfected along with dugouts prior to the game and at half time

Sanitising stations

There will be sufficient hand sanitizer issued and supplied in and around the site to facilitate the current legislation and requirements.

Toilet facilities

These are available inside and outside and will come under the cleaning guidelines set out in legislation, with appropriate sanitizing requirements adhered to.

Match officials

Will be paid electronically immediately, post-game.

Team sheets

Will be dealt with electronically where applicable, to avoid contamination risk from documents passing through multiple hands. Team books must not be shared or swapped, nevertheless all documentation must still be accurate and correct, leagues that still advocate paper team sheets and forms will require participants to wear gloves and follow social distancing guidelines.

Substitute’s equipment

Adequate number of clean team bibs must be available for substitutes and players no sharing or passing on to players coming off by players coming on


At the moment showers are not advisable but it is not against legislation to use them.


Track and trace

A pro-forma will be sent to visiting clubs prior to match day and will be required to be returned pre match day by the visiting team giving information of visitors names addresses and contact details, these details will be kept for 3 weeks after the match day and will be kept private and disposed of correctly as required by the Data Protection Act 2018.

COVID-19 managing the risk when club opens again.

The following risk assessment looks at how the club will manage the risk of COVID-19 When it re-opens. All current government guidelines will be followed.


Staff            Customers/Committee/Public                                                                       


Spreading covid-19 amongst staff

Controls in place.

Spreading to the wider community, risk of someone bringing disease into club

Controls in place in this assessment

Increased violence aggression

The public are not used to being told what to do in a pub/club environment

Control measures.

All staff wash their hands before during and after their shifts. Wash and sanitise D10 SPEC after every task completed.

Visitors will be encouraged to follow government guidelines regarding hand washing and sanitising, stations will be strategically placed throughout the premises, and they will be set up alongside the one way system in operation at club premises. Toilets and touch points will be checked and sanitised regularly to control any contamination eventualities.

Zoning of work areas

To prevent risk of cross over and to maintain social distancing staff will be allocated areas in which to work in, one member of staff will be positioned at the order and pay point at the boardroom bar, this has a Perspex screen to aid safety and avoid contamination, touchless payments will be encouraged at all times but cash payments will be accepted, with payment and change being placed onto the bar and not passed hand to hand. Hand washing and sanitisation will occur after every one of these transactions, in the pay area the floor is marked out to encourage social distancing, this will be enforced and policed by staff and committee alike.

Maintaining social distancing

The new 1 metre + rule will be adhered to throughout the premises and again will be policed by staff and committee, all tables are set out with 4 chairs around each one, if customers need 2 more chairs at their tables they must first inform the bar staff of their requirements, no tables will be dragged together or moved, they are set out and measured so as to comply with latest government information,

New legislation this week 30/06/2020 allows more than 30 people to gather at one place, this does not mean they can all mingle, in fact they still have to stay within their own social bubbles as set out by the government, rooms are limited by size and social distancing, which must be adhered to and reinforced.

Glass washers.

Must have been subject to a strict clean with anti-viral D10 spec sanitiser agent.

Seating layout

Is set out in accordance with government advice, seating should not be moved without prior permission from staff and committee.

Sanitising stations

These will be strategically placed around the site, they will be subject to the same replacing and cleaning regime as paper towels, soap and barrier creams.

Info how to deal with a suspected case of covid-19

Clear instructions will be given to staff, anyone suspected of having the disease will be instructed to go home and isolate,

All and any areas likely to have been touched by said person will be deep cleaned and sanitised.

Training and work practises

Appropriate training will be discussed the reading, understanding and implementing of this assessment will form the bulk of training.

Perspex barrier at order and pay point

A Perspex barrier has been erected at the order and pay point so as to negate cross contamination due to being fairly close together during transaction.

Once customers have ordered and paid for their drinks they should turn right and follow the signage to the pick-up areas, if a queue is apparent, correct social distancing should be maintained until it is their time to pick up their drinks, they must wait behind the line in front of the bar and wait until bar staff has placed all of their drinks onto the bar and that the bar staff has stepped back away from the bar, then and only then can the customer step forwards to retrieve their drinks, the customer cannot stand at the bar and drink, they must make their way back to their own table and take their seats.

Traffic flow

A one way system will be in operation whilst club premises is in use, accompanied by clear signage and floor marking measured at the required safe distance 1metre + this system will be enforced and policed by staff and committee.

Hand wash facilities at bar

This facility is always in constant use by staff, it will be complimented by anti-viral hand wash and sanitiser to D 10 STANDARDS

Paper towels in toilets

There will be a constant supply of paper towels in toilets, electric hand blowers have been disabled so as to avoid any unnecessary air movement.

Gloves and masks

These can be brought in by the individual, the club will monitor its legal requirements with a constant watch of government legislation

Over hand washing

Washing hands frequently has cause a dryness and soreness due to washing away natural healthy oils from the skin, to this end barrier or moisturising cream will be available.

Violence and aggression

Many people may not have drunk alcohol for quite some time, coupled with extra controls exerted on them due to government legislation, it is possible for some of them to become aggressive, do not risk yourself, call the constabulary who are better equipped to deal with such altercations.

Minimising touch points

Wherever possible doors should be propped open, unless they are fire doors, in this case they must remain closed. Wiping and sanitising of all regular touch points is a must, as prescribed in government advice documentation.

Staff breaks

Should be staggered and all hygiene legislation must be adhered to.

Plastic glasses

Single use plastic drinking receptacles will be in use, new ones will be issued with each drink.