Evesham United FC Parent’s and Supporter’s Code of Conduct

 The parents and spectators will:

1.       Provide encouragement and support for their children’s progress and promote a sense of team spirit, enjoyment, achievement and self-esteem.

2.       Ensure that your children are dropped off and picked up at the published times for training or matches.

3.       Support the coaching staff in matters of discipline and team selection decisions.

4.       Allow the coaching staff to conduct the training and match sessions without interruption and avoid coaching the child during games.

5.       Promote and encourage a responsible attitude and approach to participation in a team sport.

6.       Conduct themselves in a responsible and supportive manner at training sessions and matches including due respect for the opponents.

7.       Have due respect for the opposition as well as the team.

8.      Support and uphold the laws of the game in terms of behaviour and application and never condone behaviour and actions against the spirit of the game nor the use of prohibited substances and techniques.

9.       Co-operate with other coaches, specialists and officials in the best interests of the players.

10.    Show due respect and accept decisions of the coaches, managers and match officials without argument.

11.     Promote high standards of behaviour, attitude and appearance by example and never use, nor tolerate the use of, inappropriate language.

12.     Provide encouragement and positive comments to all players without favour.