For Boys and Girls Under 5 – 16, Youth 17-18

Evesham United Juniors has been running now since 2001 and has been at Charter Standard Community level for the past 13 years.  Currently we have 17 junior sides with 25 coaches and over 300 players of all ages and sexes.

As a Community Charter Standard Club under the Football Association’s Charter Standard Club scheme, the main objective is to provide the best facilities and coaching for the players of all abilities and to develop potential candidates for the senior team and beyond.

The ultimate benefits of sustaining a successful junior section is to provide a source of ‘Evesham grown’ talent for the Youth and Senior side.

We have squads of players at all ages, from the Minis aged 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 (U7’s) and then squads with teams from U8 up to U18.

Teams up to U13 can be mixed. New players are always welcome.

We are also interested in welcoming new Coaches to our club as the demand for training boys, girls, and youths in the Evesham area grows. The club provides equipment and training through the Worcestershire Football Association.

For any information contact

We would like you to support your local Junior Robins and join in the fun. We look forward to hearing from you very soon!



Evesham United FC Parent’s and Supporter’s Code of Conduct

 The parents and spectators will:

1.       Provide encouragement and support for their children’s progress and promote a sense of team spirit, enjoyment, achievement and self-esteem.

2.       Ensure that your children are dropped off and picked up at the published times for training or matches.

3.       Support the coaching staff in matters of discipline and team selection decisions.

4.       Allow the coaching staff to conduct the training and match sessions without interruption and avoid coaching the child during games.

5.       Promote and encourage a responsible attitude and approach to participation in a team sport.

6.       Conduct themselves in a responsible and supportive manner at training sessions and matches including due respect for the opponents.

7.       Have due respect for the opposition as well as the team.

8.      Support and uphold the laws of the game in terms of behaviour and application and never condone behaviour and actions against the spirit of the game nor the use of prohibited substances and techniques.

9.       Co-operate with other coaches, specialists and officials in the best interests of the players.

10.    Show due respect and accept decisions of the coaches, managers and match officials without argument.

11.     Promote high standards of behaviour, attitude and appearance by example and never use, nor tolerate the use of, inappropriate language.

12.     Provide encouragement and positive comments to all players without favour. 

Injury Protocol for EUFC Youth Players

Injury on pitch treated by appointed team first aider (or Sports Therapist if present)

A player with ANY suspected head injury shall be removed from the field of play immediately and not be allowed to return to play until assessed by the Sports Therapist

If severe, Emergency Services to be called. Do not move players off pitch. If Emergency Services called:

Parents immediately informed if not already there

Club Sports Therapist also informed

Soft tissue injuries (strains, sprains, bruising etc.):

Contact to be made with Club Sports Therapist who will advise

Injured players to arrange appointment with Club Sports Therapist

Injured players will not play or train until passed fit by the Sports Therapist

Age group coaches do not have the authority over the Sports Therapist to declare a player fit to play

Players who are injured should still come to games and feel part of the team

If a player becomes injured playing for school or district, contact to be made with Club Sports Therapist at the earliest convenience

No injury, however small, should be ignored or attempted to be treated without consultation with the Club Sports Therapist

Treatment and Rehabilitation

Our Medical Staff provide a high standard of care and advice for all schoolboy players. Injured players are treated and rehabilitated by our Sports Therapist with their progress monitored until the player reaches full fitness.

A medical protocol is in place for all players relating to injury, diagnosis, action and rehabilitation. It is important that player always report an injury to medical staff at the earliest opportunity.  

The five guidelines when injury happens

There are five things you can do to encourage the healing of your injury in the first 3 days. You can remember these five things by the letters PRICE

P – protection: Protect the injured part from further aggravation and stop activities that make things worse.

R – rest: Rest the injured part but keep it mobile so long as it is comfortable for you to do so.

I – ice: Apply ice packs to the affected part as soon as possible. Use crushed ice or a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a damp tea towel to prevent ice burn. Leave for 20 minutes and repeat every 3 hours.

C – compression: Use a bandage or tubigrip (a tubular bandage) to strap up the injured part.

E – elevation: Try to raise the injured part above the level of your heart when possible and remove your compression bandage. 


Sports Therapist Contact Details:

Peter Sollis

P: 07828 752344