200 Executive Club

The ‘200 Executive Club’  has proved to be a very important source of income to the Club.  

The cost is £20.00 per month and on joining, each new member is given a membership number between 1 and 200.  
This number will then be entered into each monthly draw, provided that the membership is kept up to date.  The monthly draw normally takes place after a home fixture towards the end of each month.  

A full list of winners is published in the Evesham Journal, the website and results sheets are sent to all members twice a year.  

The financial year for the ‘200 Executive Club’ starts in December.

From December until the following October the prizes will be:

1st Prize  £500

2nd Prize  £150

3rd Prize  £150 (this represents 6 winners, each receiving £25)

The Prize list for the month of November is as follows:

1st Prize  £5000

2nd Prize  £2000

3rd Prize  £1000 

Only fully paid-up members are allowed to enter the draw in November, provided that they have been members for at least the previous six months.

If you are interested in joining or would like further information please contact Bob Prater at the club on 01386 442303.  If he is not there, please leave a message.

Winners below for May 2020


No 159 Robin Such 


No 7 Mr P Nicholls


No 20 Rebecca Visor

No 115 Andy Naylor

No 177 David Cartwright

No 160 Mr P Bott

No 69 Jan Kirkby

No 31 Steve Ganly