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Code of Conduct – Being a Team Member

 1. You are willing to play any role or position that helps the team.
2. You would rather play well and lose than play badly and win.
3. When your team scores the first people you congratulate are your teammates.
4. You listen and enjoy being coached as much as you love taking part in matches.
5. You respect your opponents, make them welcome but do not fear them.
6. Give the highest respect to your coaches – he is working hard to help you.
7. You are quick to support a teammate who is having a bad day and you help those teammates who have less experience.
8. You respect all officials – especially referees and support their decisions.
9. You never celebrate in an arrogant and intimidating manner.
10. You learn and grow from your mistakes, as well as from those of others.
11. You are confident but not arrogant and are always polite and respectful.
12. Playing well and behaving correctly is more important than just winning a match.