First team manager Mike Ford has confirmed his staff team and their newly formed roles in readiness for the upcoming season with friendlies starting in July in preparation for the league starting in August.

Alex Sykes: Assistant manager, head of recruitment and set piece coach.
Mike Byrne: Head coach
Dan Head: Head of senior goalkeeping
Lewis O’Loughlin: Lead analyst and head of Sports science
Andy Baird: Playing coach
Emerald Chiropractic and Wellbeing: Head of treatment and rehabilitation.

Ford said: “My job as the football club manager is to recruit good people and allow them to flourish. Over the last few weeks, I have discussed with the staff, the best way forward for them, and to clarify their roles”.

There is currently a role as a kit person available if you think this would suit you, in the first instance please telephone the club on 01386 442303.